The Diesel Solution for a Net Zero Future

Exploring the Potential of Sustainable Energy Sources for a Cleaner and Brighter Future

We Offer A Simple, Clean Alternative To Deisel And We Believe It's The Future Of Fuel. More Than 55 Million Litres Of Gd+ Have Been Delivered Throughout Ireland Over The Past Year. The Demand Is Growing Rapidly!

Gd+HVO - A Solution Found in Nature

The advanced Gd+ fuel is made from renewable feedstocks. supercharged with an engine-enhancing additive. a straight forward deisel replacement and achieving 90% cut in harmful emissions.

What are the benefits?

Your Big Development will run clean

GD+ is the key solution to dramatically reducing emissions for many industries.

Your vehicles will run clean

A convenient way to decarbonise vehicle fleets and provide a simple solution for construction companies and vessel operators to meet ambitious emissions targets now.

Up To 90% Reduction Carbon Dioxide Emissions